Wisdom Circle

A Wisdom Circle is a discussion group that encourages people of a certain age to come together, talk, listen, and learn. The facilitator is Lorne Evje, storyteller and communication subject matter expert.

A Wisdom Circle focuses on meaningful conversation about life experiences, successes, challenges, and problem-solving — while participants connect with friends and meet new people. For the most part, participants talk about whatever they like, including:

  • Aging

  • Death

  • Depression

  • Family

  • Fear

  • Finances

  • Friendship

  • Fun

  • Gratitude

  • Health

  • Lifelong Learning

  • Retirement

  • Volunteering

The components of a Wisdom Circle are intellectual stimulation, emotional support, and social interaction. This keeps the brain active while giving free rein to the sense of humor.

Benefits of a Wisdom Circle

Studies show the importance of community as people age. Isolation affects health, happiness, and longevity. A good way to promote community is to bring people together on a regular basis and encourage them to talk about what's important to them.

A Wisdom Circle is where we ask the question, "What's on your mind?" and listen to the answer.

Structure of a Wisdom Circle

  • All people are welcome to attend; the minimum age is 50.

  • Wisdom Circle usually meets at a retirement community or senior center.

  • Wisdom Circle usually meets once a week for 60 minutes, sometimes 90 minutes.

  • Wisdom Circle varies from 4 or 5 participants to 12 or more.

  • Attendance is always drop-in; advance sign-up is not required.

Wisdom Circles are built around the question, "What's on your mind?"

People with serious health issues — physical or mental — should seek professional help but could, with the consent of their medical professional, use a Wisdom Circle as extra support to help make treatment more efficacious.

Where Do We Go From Here?

A good way for you to determine if a Wisdom Circle is right for you [or someone you love] is to visit one and see how it works. We'll be pleased to arrange a no-cost, no-obligation visit for you and anyone else who's interested in exploring a Wisdom Circle as a way to improve health, happiness, and longevity. Please call or text 415.794.4361.

My mission is to promote stimulating conversation among people of a certain age from all walks of life.
— Lorne Evje