Having both led and participated in therapy groups and health education groups, the skill of Mr. Lorne Evje leading the Wisdom Circle at the Pinole Senior Center delights me.

”Lorne feels the energy of the group and the individuals and responds quickly and appropriately. He guides without the appearance of control. He summarizes paragraphs of speech in an accurate word, phrase, or sentence written on the whiteboard – legibly no less. He uses humor readily. He moves seamlessly from problems to solutions and offers support in a unique male way. He reigns in big talkers gently and encourages without any codependent support for pathology or distortion. He is calm, relaxed, and authentic without drawing attention to himself or his process.

”Lorne Evje is the best Group Facilitator I have encountered in 40 years of numerous groups. I admire and appreciate his skills enough to delight in expressing my gratitude and admiration.
— Ria Tanz Kubota, RN MFT [retired]
Lorne is always willing to share his thoughts and ideas. He offers excellent advice… a first-class speaker, capable of holding an audience and moving them.
— Ethan Rotman, iSpeakEASY
Lorne Evje is a master of creative concepts, words, ideas…. His dry sense of humor, steadiness, generosity of spirit, integrity, and trustworthiness are all qualities I can stand behind.
— Barbara-Grace Pike, Alternative Medicine Professional
Lorne is the best — and besides that, he’s likeable, quick witted, polite, understanding, great to work with, and reasonably priced.
— Suzanne Halladay, Suzanne Halladay & Associates