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Lorne Evje — Storyteller, Speaker, Facilitator

Communications Consultant, Political Operative, Goalkeeper, Romantic.

Born and educated in San Francisco; lifetime resident of the Bay Area. Degree in Economics, minor in English. Courses in telecommunications management, website development, and effects of psychoactive drugs.

Fondness for dark chocolate and certain cats. Daughter and son, grown and gone with families of their own, and brother make it all worth it.

Previously worked in the computer field and marketing for small businesses and entrepreneurs. The common thread in my work is a passion for communication, written and spoken.

Experience with people of a certain age:

  • For more than a year, served as overnight companion for a couple in their 90s: a retired doctor in good health, and his wife, diagnosed with vascular dementia.
  • Prior to that, assisted extended family member, a soccer player and author of children's books who remained active in a retirement community until his 100th birthday.
  • A few years earlier, served as primary caregiver for my 82-year-old father, a retired CPA.

Volunteer and related experience:

  • Coached local high school students for WriterCoach Connection.
  • Holiday food driver for Salvation Army.
  • Youth soccer coach; adult organizer and player.
  • Webmaster for two nonprofit organizations.
  • Helped publicize and preserve 26-acre marshland and public park.

  • Assisted abused women’s nonprofit, residents association, and prison law office.

  • Longtime blood donor.
  • Veteran of the Suicide Prevention Hotline.
    [Most callers weren't suicidal, but had problems they couldn't handle alone.]

As empathetic listener and experienced speaker who has led discussion groups and meetings in business and nonprofits, I'm comfortable talking with people of all ages from all walks of life.

Currently, my focus is assisting people of a certain age. All people need to talk and to be heard. The aging process doesn't change these facts. My gift is listening and leading discussion groups that help people maintain their cognitive skills, social skills, and sense of humor.