People of a Certain Age

What's on your mind?


Wisdom Circle

A Wisdom Circle is a discussion group that encourages people of a certain age to come together, talk, listen, and learn. The facilitator is Lorne Evje, storyteller and communication subject matter expert.

A Wisdom Circle focuses on meaningful conversation about life experiences, successes, challenges, and problem-solving — while participants connect with friends and meet new people. For the most part, participants talk about whatever they like, including:

  • Aging

  • Death

  • Depression

  • Family

  • Fear

  • Finances

  • Friendship

  • Fun

  • Gratitude

  • Health

  • Lifelong Learning

  • Retirement

  • Volunteering

The components of a Wisdom Circle are intellectual stimulation, emotional support, and social interaction. This keeps the brain active while giving free rein to the sense of humor.

Benefits of a Wisdom Circle

Studies show the importance of community as people age. Isolation affects health, happiness, and longevity. A good way to promote community is to bring people together on a regular basis and encourage them to talk about what's important to them.

A Wisdom Circle is where we ask the question, "What's on your mind?" and listen to the answer.

Structure of a Wisdom Circle

  • All people are welcome to attend; the minimum age is 50.

  • Wisdom Circle usually meets at a retirement community or senior center.

  • Wisdom Circle usually meets once a week for 60 minutes, sometimes 90 minutes.

  • Wisdom Circle varies from 4 or 5 participants to 12 or more.

  • Attendance is always drop-in; advance sign-up is not required.

Wisdom Circles are built around the question, "What's on your mind?"

People with serious health issues — physical or mental — should seek professional help but could, with the consent of their medical professional, use a Wisdom Circle as extra support to help make treatment more efficacious.

Where Do We Go From Here?

A good way for you to determine if a Wisdom Circle is right for you [or someone you love] is to visit one and see how it works. We'll be pleased to arrange a no-cost, no-obligation visit for you and anyone else who's interested in exploring a Wisdom Circle as a way to improve health, happiness, and longevity. Please call or text 415.794.4361.

My mission is to promote stimulating conversation among people of a certain age from all walks of life.
— Lorne Evje
Having both led and participated in therapy groups and health education groups, the skill of Mr. Lorne Evje leading the Wisdom Circle at the Pinole Senior Center delights me.

”Lorne feels the energy of the group and the individuals and responds quickly and appropriately. He guides without the appearance of control. He summarizes paragraphs of speech in an accurate word, phrase, or sentence written on the whiteboard – legibly no less. He uses humor readily. He moves seamlessly from problems to solutions and offers support in a unique male way. He reigns in big talkers gently and encourages without any codependent support for pathology or distortion. He is calm, relaxed, and authentic without drawing attention to himself or his process.

”Lorne Evje is the best Group Facilitator I have encountered in 40 years of numerous groups. I admire and appreciate his skills enough to delight in expressing my gratitude and admiration.
— Ria Tanz Kubota, RN MFT [retired]
Lorne is always willing to share his thoughts and ideas. He offers excellent advice… a first-class speaker, capable of holding an audience and moving them.
— Ethan Rotman, iSpeakEASY
Lorne Evje is a master of creative concepts, words, ideas…. His dry sense of humor, steadiness, generosity of spirit, integrity, and trustworthiness are all qualities I can stand behind.
— Barbara-Grace Pike, Alternative Medicine Professional
Lorne is the best — and besides that, he’s likeable, quick witted, polite, understanding, great to work with, and reasonably priced.
— Suzanne Halladay, Suzanne Halladay & Associates

Resources For Lifelong Learners

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Lorne Evje — Storyteller, Speaker, Facilitator

Communications Consultant, Political Operative, Goalkeeper, Romantic.

Born and educated in San Francisco; lifetime resident of the Bay Area. Degree in Economics, minor in English. Courses in telecommunications management, website development, and effects of psychoactive drugs.

Fondness for dark chocolate and certain cats. Daughter and son, grown and gone with families of their own, and brother make it all worth it.

Previously worked in the computer field and marketing for small businesses and entrepreneurs. The common thread in my work is a passion for communication, written and spoken.

Experience with people of a certain age:

  • For more than a year, served as overnight companion for a couple in their 90s: a retired doctor in good health, and his wife, diagnosed with vascular dementia.
  • Prior to that, assisted extended family member, a soccer player and author of children's books who remained active in a retirement community until his 100th birthday.
  • A few years earlier, served as primary caregiver for my 82-year-old father, a retired CPA.

Volunteer and related experience:

  • Coached local high school students for WriterCoach Connection.
  • Holiday food driver for Salvation Army.
  • Youth soccer coach; adult organizer and player.
  • Webmaster for two nonprofit organizations.
  • Helped publicize and preserve 26-acre marshland and public park.

  • Assisted abused women’s nonprofit, residents association, and prison law office.

  • Longtime blood donor.
  • Veteran of the Suicide Prevention Hotline.
    [Most callers weren't suicidal, but had problems they couldn't handle alone.]

As empathetic listener and experienced speaker who has led discussion groups and meetings in business and nonprofits, I'm comfortable talking with people of all ages from all walks of life.

Currently, my focus is assisting people of a certain age. All people need to talk and to be heard. The aging process doesn't change these facts. My gift is listening and leading discussion groups that help people maintain their cognitive skills, social skills, and sense of humor.